May 29, 2024

Preparing Your Car for Showing

Once you have the basic cleaning on your car done, it’s time to move on to cleaning the exterior properly. This is the place where car enthusiasts need to be thorough in their work. Many amateurs will be tempted to simply take their vehicle through a car wash in that be it, but the judges won’t be passing out any extra points for such little effort. When you enter a car into a car show, the car will need to look better than the day it came off the assembly line. You will not be able to get that look unless you pay very particular attention to all the details of the car.

When you start working on your car, the engine compartment and the rim should be first. These areas are the most likely to have residue smudges and chemical stains. As you are washing your engine compartment, use towels to cover the fender tops so they are protected from any harsh degreasers you are using. Of course, should go without saying that you should always start the washing and rinsing process at the top and move your way down. If the chemicals you use to clean your car contains natural oils, you will need to rinse it off frequently so those oils do not dry and calls hazing on your car. The undercarriage of the car should be done next. After these areas have been cleaned well, the car owner can move to the surface areas. Never overlook your wheels. You will need to spend more time on your wheels at a later time in your cleaning, but can give them a rudimentary cleaning at this point to get a better overall picture of what all will need to be done.

It is important before you start cleaning your car that you invest in products that have been specifically designed for use on your vehicle. Never use items like kitchen soap for the exterior of your car. When you use the right products, your car will have the dazzle that judges want to see. When you go to rinse off your car, never use a spray nozzle for your final rents. Instead, but the water your rinsing with flow freely, giving your car a nice clean finish.

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