July 22, 2024

Preparing Your Car for Showing

After you I’ve clean the exterior of your car, it’s time to move on to the interior of your vehicle. Your cars interior needs to look as immaculate as the exterior since the judges will viewing your vehicle from all possible angles. Start working on your interior from the top to bottom, then from the front to the back. All your windows should be cleaned crystal-clear, as well as your mirrors, steering wheel, assembly, ashtray, clock, gauges, and radio. Make sure every section is completely spotless. If you have any burn marks or blemishes on your interior, it’s crucial to have that area cleaned or replaced.

Many times, the sun visor and up costing car owners points at the car show, so make sure you clean them spotless before you continue. You may also need to have some of your older parts replaced before the car show. Check every your seats and seat-belts to make sure they function correctly and are clean. Also, thoroughly inspect the door areas, trunk, and the hatch of your vehicle. Make sure that every last looking cranny of your car is cleaned, shined, and buffed to impress the judges at the show. You want your car to look so nice that you may need the best driveway alarms to keep strangers from coming into your drive to gaze at your beautiful vehicle.

Once you have taken care of the more technical details of your vehicle, you will need to move on to your formats and carpeting. Regardless of how careful you are when in your car, cleaning the carpet is a must for vehicles that are used regularly. Make sure you move the seats around in all possible directions to get the undersides of the seats. If you have stubborn stains in your car, agitate the stains deep down by using a soft bristle brush the gets into the carpets fibers. Use overlapping, circular motions for the stains. Once you have scrubbed the area, use a clean cloth to blot the moist area. You will want to shampoo every part of the car you can order to help it look good and give it a great smell. You would typically not have any residue left with spray on cleaners, but it is still best to completely vacuum the carpet after scrubbing it clean.


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