June 12, 2024

Preparing Your Car for Showing

Once you have your vehicle looking its best and ready to perform, you will be ready to take it to the show. Once you have completed all that work on your car, it is recommended that you ship your car rather than drive it to a show. That way, you can help avoid some potential problems that may arise through driving it.If your car has a designated spot at the show, you will move your car into place and get it ready for the final step, the presentation. You will be able to show off all the hard work you put into the vehicle and allowed to speak for itself. If you want to give the judges an interactive experience, you can choose between a table or display stand. You can also choose to include shop manuals, owners manuals, brochures, or anything else that helps display the cars essence.

As you are preparing your presentation, you have the freedom to be creative and to do things that will help set your car apart from the competition. You will want to present the entire car is more than simply a sum of its parts, but be careful to not go overboard. Set up the car in the way you want it to appear based on your preferences to represent the vehicle, such as positioning the wheels, and opening the hood in the doors. It is important to have fun with this process, so don’t stress out too much about it.

Many car owners choose to use a display board behind their car to help get attention. Using a display board, you can tell your vehicle’s restoration story. If you use a display board, try to make it like they haven’t the trade shows, around 6 feet tall and on a frame and three parts. This would give you lots of room to show photos of your restoration work and to give details about the progression of your project. A display board can really stand out at a car show, but make sure you are able to transport it safely.


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