June 12, 2024

Preparing Your Car for Showing

A car show is supposed to be fun for everyone involved, despite the level they finish at are the awards they receive. Growing up, going to a car show was one of my favorite things to do with my father. We would leave early in the morning to get there before the crowds, increasing our chances of being able to talk to the car owners one on one. The joy it brought to my father seeing these classic cars was wonderful. He and I had so much fun and bonding time over going to these car shows. I knew as I got older, that I not only wanted to go as a spectator, but show a car myself.

As a teenager, my dad help me by my first 1955 Chevy Corvette. We worked on that classic car, fixing it up for our debut at a car show. Those of the best memories I have of my dad, working with him on this car. We entered into our first car show when I was 17. It was a lot of fun for us, but we didn’t win any ribbons or other awards. The experience was an award in itself, with the bonus being the time my dad and I got to spend together.

My dad has passed now, but I continue our tradition of going to the local car shows. I also help others prepare their cars to show and teach classes on showing cars. That is what this website is about.